Interior design is about infusing the space with a soul, allowing it to come to life in a marvelous reflection of the client. Regardless of the nature of the space, every single detail is integral to the consistency of the identity, to the harmony of the elements, and to the flow of the story. Inspired by the unique persona of each client, Line Concept ensures a unique yet humbling creation with every project. + FURNITURE, FITTINGS AND FIXTURE CONSULTING Building on the notion that every detail counts towards a beautiful synergy of design, Line Concept fully handles the selection and procurement of all furniture, fittings and fixtures of a project, alongside or on behalf of a client; we particularly assist the client in furniture selections and supplies from Italy from our affiliates.

Othman Tower

Hospitality | KSA

Alpha Capital

Offices | Riyadh - KSA

Mr. Al Afaleg – Hitteen

Private Villa | KSA

Mr. Turki

Private Villa | North Riyadh - KSA

Mr. Ahmad Al Othman

Private Villa | North of Riyadh - KSA

Mr. Ghassan Al Taweel

Private Villa | Malaz Area - Riyadh - KSA