About us

In 2006 in Lebanon, Line Concept was born from a passion for the extraordinary and a vision for all that is dynamic and groundbreaking.

The mission is not only to redefine space… it is to re-envision it… beyond labels of functional and aesthetic.

It is a story of connection… objects and concepts coming to life as characters interact and evolve within a space, be it residential, commercial or merely recreational.

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Our Services


The creation of space is almost a sacred mission, fulfilling a functional need to its owner while taking into account all notions of aesthetics and efficiency.

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Interior design is about infusing the space with a soul, allowing it to come to life in a marvelous reflection of the client.

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Project Management

Line Concept takes great pleasure in becoming our clients’ trusted advisors in every undertaking.

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Project Types

  • Private Residence
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate